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Commercial Sumps & Lift Stations

We’re here to ensure that your commercial sumps and lift stations remain clean, well maintained, and fully operational.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Great for All Septic Needs

“Fantastic service from this company and we highly recommended them for all septic needs! Mike went over and above the service needed to make sure the job was done right ✅ He was fast, efficient, affordable and above all else... personable. Thank you so much again for your great service, we will only use Bow Valley Septic from now on!”

Natalie D. - 17/08/2021

Friendly and Affordable

“They were GREAT!! Definitely recommend them to anybody that needs pumping or help with their septic. Not only were they almost half the price of the other guys, but the guy really looked at what my problems were and gave me experienced advice and guidance for now and in the future! The office was very pleasant and worked quickly with me to arrange things! Will be using them again 100%!!”

Danita G. - 17/08/2021

Pleasant Experience

“Had an excellent experience with getting our septic tank sucked out. They were very professional and pleasant. We were very pleased and would recommend Bow Valley Septic.”

Sandra G. - 17/08/2021

Excellent Work

“Bow Valley Septic went above and beyond to inspect and pump our system. Highly recommended. Thanks.”

Darren T. - 17/08/2021

Trusted Company for Septic System Services in Calgary

For over 27 years, Bow Valley Septic Ltd. has been a trustworthy vacuum truck service, serving customers in Calgary and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to ensuring professional and friendly service, keeping your satisfaction our topmost priority. Our professionals maintain a personal touch to each project we undertake and work hand-in-hand with you to meet your septic needs.


Most of our business pivots around residential septic tank cleaning, but we also offer commercial and industrial services. Our goal has always been to be professional while keeping the personal touch with all our customers and ensuring prompt and quality workmanship. We offer various services, from cleaning of septic tanks to cleaning out lift stations. We do a quality job with advanced equipment and skilled operators. We also firmly believe that educating our customers about their septic tank can dramatically reduce the chances of your septic tank backing up. Call us to know more about our services.

Non-hazardous Liquid Waste Removal

Our vacuum pumps are designed to clean and pump out liquid waste only. We say, “If it doesn’t flow, it doesn’t go”; we can not pump up dry waste. Our vacuum trucks empty liquid waste from septic tanks, septic holding tanks to mechanical sumps & car wash sumps. Contact us to know more about liquid waste removal.

Liquid Waste Removal

Our vacuum trucks are built to quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently clean and manage non-hazardous liquid waste.

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Pre-purchase Inspection of Septic Tanks

Buying a new property? Ensure the septic system is in good condition with our pre-purchase septic tank inspection services.

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Bow Valley Water Truck Service

Bow Valley water truck service provides potable water hauling in bulk throughout Calgary and nearby regions.